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MTA-Q Code of Ethics

Feel Confident with Tru Blue Motors


So you that you can feel confident that you will be treated in a fair and honest manner at Tru-Blue Motors, as a member of the MTA-Q, we abide by the MTA-Q Code of Ethics which are as follows

Every MTA-Q member will:

  1. Act honestly and fairly in all dealing with the public and conduct all business with strict professional courtesy and integrity.
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    Ensure all claims made in any advertisement are in no way misleading.

  3. Offer a firm quotation for repairs to a vehicle, or where this is not possible, make it clear to the consumer that only an estimate, not binding on either party, is being furnished.
  4. Tell the consumer if a quotation or estimate does not include prices for spare parts.
  5. Notify the consumer in advance of any dismantling charges necessary to arrive at a quotation.
  6. Full details of all work carried out to be shown on invoices and charges for labour, spare parts and materials used.
  7. Guarantee repairs and service against failure due to defective parts of faulty work for a specific number of kilometres or period of time (subject always to the consumer’s right at law).
  8. If, during the progress of any work, it appears the estimate charges will be exceeded by a significant amount, an MTA-Q member will notify the consumer and seek permission to continue the work.
  9. At all times conduct business or perform duties in free competition with his fellows, and in such dealings refrain from criticising the actions of or damaging the reputation of his competition.
  10. Members of the Australia Automobile Dealers Association, a Division of the Motor Trades Association of Queensland, strictly adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct of Motor Dealers which was gazetted by the Queensland Department of Justice in June, 1987.
  11. Provide reasonable facilities to enable prospective purchasers to examine any vehicle prior to sale.
  12. Not quote odometer readings in advertisements of negotiations unless he is satisfied they are correct.
  13. Comply in all respects with the standard set down by the relevant state authorities for the sale of petroleum products.
  14. Guarantee all goods/products sold provided however:
  •           (a) the goods/products are used/applied by the consumer in strict compliance with product information provided.
  •           (b) Parts, and accessories must be fitted by a qualified tradesperson.