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Audi's S7 Quattro


Audi’s 2013 S7 Quattro seems to be quite the pleaser with its comfortably cabin, stylish wrapper and whole lot of stuff, this sedan looks like something everyone would want to buy. Of course nothing’s perfect and the Quattro is no exception.

Here are some of the things we found out:

  • The S7 is the high-performance sedan of the future prowling our roads today. A major constituent is a Hungarian-built 32-valve V-8 engine of modest displacement (4.0 liters) that pumps forth 420 horsepower with help from twin turbochargers and then disables half its cylinders when they’re not needed for highway cruising. Special motor mounts move hydraulic fluid through internal passages to maintain smoothness irrespective of the operating cylinder count.
  • What Audi calls S tronic is a dual-clutch automatic transmission that avoids the inefficiency of a torque converter and the interrupted power flow associated with a manual transmission.
  • To save weight, the S7’s unitized body is aluminum skin over steel bones. The electronically controlled suspension has air springs and variable dampers. The drive-select screen provides a choice of four distinct modes with variable steering effort and speed, throttle response, suspension damping, and transmission operation. The air springs automatically drop the vehicle height by 0.4 inch at speed.

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