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Ford Falcon XR8 v Holden Commodore SS V-Series Redline 2015 Comparison


The team at Morotingcom.au has published an excellent review on the Ford Falcon XR8 and Commodore SS V-Series Redline.  Given that these two vehicles will no longer be manufactured in the future these two cars represent the last Hurrahs for the brands.

Since both Ford and Holden announced the cessation of their local vehicle manufacturing businesses, dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists have hoped for a white knight to swoop in and save the industry.

The reality is, however, that both the Falcon and Commodore will be lucky to survive until each company’s planned cut-off date in 2016 and 2017 respectively, let alone beyond.

Ford has created a truly unique vehicle in its FG X-series Falcon range, though its lack of advertising that fact has left the general public unaware. Thus, it’s up to the media to tell you about the resurrected XR8, which promises supercharged grunt and FPV dynamics from a smidge over $50k.

On the other hand Holden’s Commodore SS V-Series Redline is  packed with premium gear for the exact same $52,490 base list price as the XR8, though with ‘only’ 260kW in auto form it can’t hope to match the Ford’s 335kW

For lovers of both brands these two vehicles could be their last chance to own a real piece of Australian motoring history.




Check out the complete review at http://www.motoring.com.au/reviews/2015/large-passenger/ford/commodore/ford-falcon-xr8-v-holden-commodore-ss-v-series-redline-2015-comparison-48430


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