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Ford Mustang's Racing Spec Will Void Your Warranty


When Ford announced that a system called line-locker (drag racers use this to warm up their tires) will be part of its Mustang, everyone was just ecstatic. But, however Ford released a statement that in any driver uses this feature in their Mustang’s the company will void the car’s warranty. Now that’s pretty wild!

Here’s what we got:

The line-locker is a standard feature on the new Mustang is pretty cool if you’re a car enthusiast, but it appears that if you use it for its intended purpose – drag racing – Ford will void your warranty.

After approaching Ford USA for clarification, it appears that Ford will indeed cut up your Mustang’s warranty card if you line it up against another car at a drag strip or racetrack.

But happily, your warranty will remain intact as long as the car isn’t used in competition. Blasting down a quarter mile by yourself with no official timing? That’s fine.

Need to know more? Click here: http://www.themotorreport.com.au/58763/ford-frowns-upon-mustang-racing-will-void-warranties

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