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Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz’s Video Ad Duel


Mercedes Benz recently released an advertisement promoting their Magic Body Control stability system.

Magic Body Control debuted in the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in July. The system uses a front windshield-mounted camera to look 15 metres in front of the car. A computer then ‘reads’ the road surface depth and calculates when the front and rear wheels will hit the bump. The dampers can then ready themselves for the best possible response to the bump.

The original ad can be seen below:

Not to be outdone Jaguar released it’s own response in a video called “Jaguar v Chicken”

Check it out below.

Just goes to show you that there’s always a marketing opportunity to outdo a rival with just a little bit of creative thinking.

And just to show you that two can play at this game, Mercedes Benz release it’s own ad saying “Because Cat Like Reflexes aren’t fast enough”

Check out the original story here.

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