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Mazda’s Rotary engine still ripe for resurrection


For years now, Mazda Motor Corporation has been known for its signature rotary engine. The Japanese company has not stopped the development of this trademark engine. However, R&D has hinted that it will not deal out any resources for the development of new rotary-engine-powered sports car in the near future.

Meanwhile, the company is on the verge of unveiling a new rotary convertible dubbed RX-9 that is scheduled to be launched in 2017 during the 50th anniversary celebrations of Mazda’s original rotary Cosmo Sports car.

According to Mazda’s Motor Corporation managing director in charge of global marketing, Masahiro Moro, the company has only been allocating resources for the development of the rotary engine and not for the rotary car development.

Moro did not hint whether the RX-9 would first go on concept before opening sales in 2020, Mazda’s centenary year. Nevertheless, he suggested that Mazda had ample time to revive the rotary.

The “R” in RX according to Mazda’s nomenclature refers to rotary. The hitch that has begotten Mazda’s engineers in trying to create this powerful, yet fuel-thirsty engine to convene today’s emission standards.

Presently, the company is in the process of reviving its sales and revenue by investing in new technologies especially hydrogen powertrains and exciting new models. A goal they have set in order to make enough money to reinvest in rotary.

Mazda retired the RX-8 in 2012 after the sales went down due to low demand. Unlike its rivals who can afford to spend on loss-generating electric cars or experiment with hydrogen fuel cells, the company’s production expedition into electrification has been limited.

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