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No Small Cars for Audi


Sorry to break your hearts but Audi officially has cleared any rumors that they will be making a spin-off version Volkswagen’s Up. According to Audi Chairman of the Board and CEO  Rupert Stadler, “There is no need for a car [smaller than the A1]. We are quite happy with A1. It sells 120,000 units, and has a high degree of equipment and accessories, so [profit margins] are quite good.”

With that being said, Audi also announced that it will focus its efforts in the SUV market. “We want to expand the SUV side of the business. By 2020, our Q-models will account for over 45 per cent of sales, if we do [an SUV larger than Q7], it will not be because of what our rivals are doing,” Stadler added.

Read more by clicking the link: http://www.caradvice.com.au/282977/audi-boss-rules-out-anything-smaller-than-a1-hints-at-new-q9-suv/

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