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Queensland To Review Speed Limits On 100 Roads


Speed limits have always been a contentious issue for both drivers and safety experts alike.

English: 130KM/H speed limit sign which is onl...

130KM/H speed limit sign which is only used in the Northern Territory on selected sections of the Stuart, Arnhem, Barkly and Victoria highways (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many drivers feel that given the  distances that we travel in Australia, higher speed limits on certain roads will allow for shorter journeys, less tired drivers and fewer accidents.

The  safety experts argue that increased speed limits will simply result in hoons driving faster and  and causing more deadly accidents.

Well both parties in Queensland will get a chance to have their say.

Queensland will undertake its first major speed-limit review since 1997 in January 2014, with 100 of the state’s roads to be considered.

Engineers will investigate safety, traffic, pedestrians, speed-limit guidelines and road structure before determining if speed limits should be raised, lowered or maintained.

Several roads with 110km/h speed-limits currently in place are under consideration for higher speed limits, including the M1 Pacific Motorway linking the Gold Coast with Brisbane.

If Queensland was to increase speed limits it would be the first state or territory outside of the Northern Territory to increase the speed limit above 110km/h.

For more information on this story you can read the original at http://www.themotorreport.com.au/57832/speed-limits-reviewed-on-100-queensland-roads

What do you think?  Should Queensland increase maximum speeds above 110km/h?


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