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Small Luxury Cars Will Dominate the Market


Since the sales of small SUV’s zoomed last year with 23 percent growth, 75,000 of which are luxury brands. It’s no wonder that more and more luxury car manufacturers are opting to create smaller sports cars.

Here are more proofs about the small car industry and how it will dominate the market:

  • In a record 2013 market, small cars posted a record with 266,413 sales, buoyed by a hefty 62 per cent growth in $40,000-plus models, which now account for almost 17,000 sales.
  • The prestige small car boom really kicked off with the Audi A3, which the German car maker claims was the first premium hatchback when it was launched here in 1997. It has since become a mainstay of Audi’s range, accounting for almost a quarter of its total sales.
  •  To highlight just how popular small luxury cars have become, Audi sold more A3 models in January this year than it did over the entire 12 months after the first- generation was launched in 1997.
  • BMW has this week launched its new 2-Series coupe in Australia – the newly named replacement for the two-door 1-Series models – and is set to welcome the arrival of its third-generation Mini in a few months.
  • Jaguar, is also committed to joining the small car party with a range of lightweight aluminum cars, including its first compact SUV that was previewed by the stunning C-X17 concept car at last year’s Frankfurt motor show.

To read the article please click this link: http://news.drive.com.au/drive/motor-news/small-luxury-cars-on-the-rise-20140228-33mtw.html

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