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South Australia Announces Job Plan for Post Holden


The South Australian government recently announced their rescue plan for workers who will be displaced by the 2017 departure of Holden from automotive manufacturing in Australia.

It is estimated that 13,000 workers will be affected by Holden’s departure.

Dubbed ‘Our Jobs Plan’, the proposal includes a four-year, $60 million state government commitment to 14 initiatives designed to prepare South Australia for Holden’s manufacturing exit, and asks for an additional $330 million commitment from the Federal Government.

Key points of the plan include:

  • New re-skilling and re-employment programs for displaced General Motors Holden workers
  • Establishment of a new Jobs Acceleration Fund to assist businesses and a Community Building Fund focused on local and urban projects
  • Support affected communities and local entrepreneurs via employment strategies and start-up initiatives respectively
  • Expanding the Automotive Diversification Program to help automotive supply businesses find alternative markets and opportunities

For more information read: http://www.caradvice.com.au/267196/south-australia-reveals-post-holden-job-plan/

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