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The Patrol Stays

The Patrol Stays

After news surfaced that Nissan pulled out its Patrol in other countries, Australia fought to keep the SUV in production for its local market. According to Richard Emery of Nissan Australia,”The Y61 Patrol is here to stay, there is no date set to end production.”

Things we were able to dig up about this issue:

  • Despite the Patrol’s popularity among hardcore four-wheel-drive enthusiasts the Toyota LandCruiser outsells it five-to-one and Mitsubishi’s Pajero outsells it by three-to-one.
  • Nissan had a relatively good month for Patrol sales in May, with sales up slightly from 200 in the same month last year to 210 this year.
  • Patrol sales are being buoyed by drive-away deals: $58,600 on the basic DX and $62,800 on the better equipped ST model.

For more, click here: http://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/nissan-patrol-here-to-stay-28599#.U7j81vnuLMl


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