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What's the best compact SUV?


With all the overwhelming wave of compact SUV saturating the market, most drivers seems to be at lost on what SUV they should buy. What kinds of questions do they need to ask themselves before buying. Thankfully we found some reviews to help you out.

Here are the highlights of the review:

  • Ultimately it’s the Q3 that finishes in third place but it has nothing to do with it being more traditional. It offers up the best space, is nice to drive and if you are happy to miss out on some of the luxuries, such as navigation, it has a significant price advantage.
  • Second place goes to the X1 which aside from a plain interior drives well, has a frugal engine and offers good value.
  • So the winner is the GLA which has the best combination for a comfortable ride, fuel-sipping engine and the most comprehensive list of standard equipment. It also looks and feels the most premium inside.



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