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Aussie Motorists to Pay more for Servicing


In a comprehensive article published at News.com.au it was revealed that we could all be forced to pay more for our servicing if new regulations go through.

About 20,000 independent workshops across Australia and approximately 1500 new-car dealer service centres maintain 17 million vehicles nationally.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries — the body that represents car companies — has walked away from negotiations with independent repairers and issued its own voluntary code of conduct on car servicing.

The issue is that the code blocks access to critical information, computer upgrades and diagnostics equipment.  Independent operators argue that as cars become complex “computers on wheels”, smaller workshops need complete access to maintenance information and better diagnostics tools, rather than the bare essentials covered by the code.

In Europe and the US it is compulsory for car car manufacturers to share this data with new car dealerships and the independent dealers.

However in Australia this looks to be a strategy  by car industry to lock motorists into dealership servicing programs.

For more information check out the original article http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/motorists-to-pay-more-for-car-servicing-under-new-regulations/story-fnkgdhrc-1227095455020



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