Car Loans for Pensioners

Car Loans for Pensioners

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Pensioner Car Loans

When you’re living on a modest Government Pension it doesn’t leave much room for unwanted costs.

Your car can be one of the biggest expenses and that makes it even more important you have something reliable. If you need to update your car you’ve either got to pick up something cheap and risk it being a lemon or finance some to get a reliable car.

At Tru-Blue Motors we have a huge range of cars, in all different shapes, sizes and price. The only thing they all have in common is quality! Every vehicle goes through multiple thorough inspections before we decide to keep and advertise a car for sale. You can rest assured any car for sale at Tru-Blue Motors regardless of price will meet our high expectations.

What Pensioner types are eligible for car finance?

There are many different types of pension and most are eligible for car finance including

  • Aged Pensioner
  • Veterans Affairs Pensioner
  • Single Parent Pensioner
  • Carers Pensioner
  • Disability Support Pensioner

Applying for Pensioner Car Finance

Finding a decent car is one thing then there’s finding the finance. It can be difficult to find finance if you’re on a pension but its not impossible! That’s why we enlist the help of the experienced brokers at Anyfin Car Loans (ACL 393258) to find you the best approval so you’ve got the funds to purchase a reliable car.

Let us help you find a reliable, quality car that suits your lifestyle and budget then kick your feet up while Anyfin Car Loans works hard getting you approved and in your next car sooner.

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