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MX-5 - 23 Years and over 900k Cars Later


The classic MX5 Roadster celebrated 900,000 sales and over 22 years in production way back in 2011.  Three years later the car is still going strong.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 (Photo credit: skinnydiver)

The milestone has also been entered into the Guinness World Records as the ‘World’s Best-selling Two Seat Sports Car’.

The older versions of these cars continue to be very popular second hand cars as they offer that wonderful driving experience that comes from driving an MX5 with the roof down.  And with over 20 years of sales there are many great examples of the car to be had.

What has been most amazing about the MX5 is that it survived so long while Mazda shifted from being a design innovator to building the most grimly uninteresting 323s, 626s and 929s imaginable.

But the MX-5 survived in much the same form.

For more information in the history of the car check out this article on News.com.  Or check out this article on Mazda’s amazing Mx5 production run.

For your enjoyment here are some of our fav Mx5 Pics.


Photo Credit: Faborito via Compfight cc


Photo Credit: PGDesigns.co.uk via Compfight cc


Photo Credit: DryHeatPanzer via Compfight cc

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