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The Classic Toyota Corolla - 40 Million Cars Later

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The news media often talks  about how long the Volkswagon Beetle has been in production and how many Beetles have been sold.

But did you know that the Toyota Corolla has sold more than double the number of Volkswagon Beetles?  Over 40 million cars versus 21 million for the Beetle.

The original Corolla helped ignite a small-car revolution and laid the firm foundation that now sees Toyota rampaging along as Australia’s favourite carmaker, with annual sales that trump the combined efforts of Holden and Mazda in the other podium places.

Source: Cars Guide

In addition to being the most popular car in the world  a recent infographic called “The World ass 100 Cars” , showed that the most likely car on the road was a white Toyota Corolla.

Did you ever own a Corolla?  What did you love about it?

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