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The Last Ford Falcon Flying Soon


Ford has announced that it will revive its 351 nameplate for its Ford Falcon GT, however this will be the last Falcon GT to fly. Ford is retiring the badge making room for its XR8. This limited edition vehicle is humored to be sold for $90,000.

We’ve listed down some stuff about the Falcon GT:

  • Ford is understood to have given the Falcon GT a tune-up from 335kW to 351kW as part of a limited edition model due to be unveiled mid-year
  • The batch of 500 cars — in at least four colour combinations — will be the last Falcon GTs ever made as Ford has confirmed it is retiring the badge before the facelifted sedan goes on sale by September.
  • Insiders say it has retuned the engine and the suspension to match the “staggered” wheel and tyre combination (as with the limited edition R-Spec released in 2012 and all HSVs since 2006, the rear tyres of the new GT will be wider than the front for better traction).

Read more here: http://www.carsguide.com.au/news-and-reviews/car-news/ford_351_gt_to_make_a_comeback_82936_20140402

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