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What makes us Different?

  • Past issues are just that – in the past.
  • We not only provide the car,
    but we provide the finance too.
  • We specialise in helping people that have had
    trouble in obtaining finance in the past
  • Defaults? Ex-Bankrupt? Self Employed?
    Casual Employment? New Arrivals?
    Not an issue!

How do we work?

It’s as simple as:
  • 1.   Apply
  • 2.   Get Approved
  • 3.   Choose a Car

At Tru-Blue we like to say YES

YES to more lenders and more approvals

YES to low interest rates Australia Wide

YES to fast approvals

You are assessed on your current ability to pay the loan.
You may be employed, self employed or on guaranteed benefit income

We consider all of these circumstances

One of the onsite AnyFin Car Loans specialists will take care of your finance needs.
Australian Credit Licence no. 393258
*Approval conditions apply and subject to lender requirements.